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SquirrelView Software

Instant data access, instant data analysis

Easily programmed using the all-new SquirrelView software and all-new Squirrel sq data loggers, you get instant access to jam-packed features. Everything from standalone portable data logging, to a fixed online monitoring system measuring a host of parameters and instant data access. SquirrelView lets you to set up the logger and start recording in a few clicks.

Whatever your level of data logging experience, set up simple or advanced acquisitions, record, view and analyse your data quickly and easily.

Instant data access, instant data analysis

  • Powerful and easy to use functionality for complete analysis and configuration
  • Upgrade your system channel expansion links loggers and combines data from each logger model
  • Coming soon! CFR 21 part 11 fully featured versions of the software with analysis - available in 2023!


Our basic SQS100 software is available for download free of charge from our website, please follow the Software Download link below.

To request a quotation for upgrading to our professional SQS200 (single user) or SQS300 (multi user) license then please click here.

If you've already purchased our professional version of our software with or without our sq series loggers, please click here for your software license.

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