• LSB Aqua Pro Linear Shaking Water Bath Range

    Grant quality and design combined with the temperature stability and functions you need in a linear shaking bath for your laboratory.

    • Temperature range ambient +5ºC to 99ºC operation
    • Stability: ±0.1ºC
    • Choice of two models – 12 and 18 litres
    • Universal tray and polycarbonate lid included as standard
    • Robust magnetically coupled shaking mechanism
    • Two programmable temperature and shaking presets
    • Drain tap for convenient emptying


    • Clinical/healthcare – thawing/mixing samples
    • Pharmaceutical – heating and mixing samples
    • Science education in schools/universities – practical science demonstration and experimentation
    • Industrial – QC testing, sample preparation




    Dimensions (h x d x w) 425 x 385 x 360mm 425 x 565 x 335mm
    Capacity 12L 18L
    Temperature range Ambient +5 to 99°C Ambient +5 to 99°C
    Stability (DIN 12876-3) @70ºC 0.1°C 0.1°C
    Uniformity (DIN 12876-3) @70ºC 0.1 ±ºC 0.1 ±ºC
    Working area (d x w) 240 x 235mm 420 x 235mm
    Mix/max liquid level 60/93mm 60/93mm
    Linear shaking speed 20 to 200rpm (depending on load) 20 to 200rpm (depending on load)
    Shaking speed display resolution 1rpm 1rpm
    Linear shaking stroke length 20mm 20mm
    Display LED LED
    Timer 1 to 999 minutes 1 to 999 minutes
    Drain tap
    Safety Over temperature protection/low liquid level cut-out Over temperature protection/low liquid level cut-out
    Heater power – 230V 800W 1400W
    Heater power – 120V 800W 1050W
    Supply voltage 120 or 230V 120 or 230V
    Weight 8.9kg 11.2kg


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    Products in range

    Model Number

    Unit Size

    LSB12 12 L
    LSB18 18 L


    Flask Tray

    Tray with threaded holes to accept flask clamps or holder for deep well plates

    Part No



    TF12 Stainless steel tray LSB12
    TF18 Stainless steel tray LSB18

    Flasks and plate holder

    For use with TF26 flask and plate tray

    Part No


    OLS26 Capacity

    SC-25 For 25ml flask 28
    SC-50 For 50ml flask 24
    SC-100 For 100ml flask 15
    SC-250 For 250ml flask 8
    SC-500 For 500ml flask 6
    SC-1000 For 1000ml flask 3
    SH-DWP 1 x deep well plate 4

    Shaking Water Baths – Base Tray

    Allows bath to be used as an unstirred bath

    Part No


    SBT26 Stainless steel perforated tray

    Test Tube Racks

    Choice of 8 variants to accommodate different tube diameters and microtubes

    Part No

    Tube Diameter

    Rack Capacity

    SR-10 10mm 48
    SR-13 13mm 44
    SR-16 16mm 24
    SR-19 19mm 21
    SR-25 25mm 12
    SR-30 30mm 10
    SR-SE 0.5ml (microtube) 119
    SR-LE 1.5ml (microtube) 48

    Test Tube Tray

    Compatible with SR racks or can be used alone to accommodate bags and miscellaneous vessels

    Part No


    TS26 Holds up to 5 SR racks

    Universal Tray

    Highly versatile, with adjustable springs to hold flasks, bottles and other vessels

    Part No


    TU26 Stainless steel tray