• PV-1 Vortex Mixer

    Ideally sized for personal use, the Grant-bio PV-1 vortex mixer is compact, with a low profile and small footprint, to sit in almost any location. The PV-1 is so small that it will fit in your hand – yet there is no compromise on performance. The reliable motor produces regulated and reproducible agitation throughout the speed range. It is also extremely quiet.

    With variable speed from 750 to 3000 rpm, the PV-1 can be used for gentle through to vigorous mixing and pellet resuspension in 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 15ml tubes.

    • Adjustable speed control: 750 to 3000 rpm
    • ‘Continuous’ or ‘touch’ operation
    • For tubes up to 20 mm diameter
    • Pressure sensitive cup accommodates tubes up to 20mm diameter
    • Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated and reproducible agitation throughout the speed range
    • Extremely easy to operate – select either ‘continuous’ or ‘touch’ operation and turn the knob to adjust the speed from 750 rpm to 3000 rpm
    • In ‘touch’ mode, agitation starts in response to pressure on the pressure sensitive cup.
    • Exceptionally compact with a low profile and small footprint – fits into almost any location
    • Rubber suction pads hold tight to the work surface and prevent the unit from ‘walking’ – they also absorb vibration and prevent its transmission to the workbench


    Dimensions (h x d x w) 80 x 150 x 90mm
    Ambient temperature range + 4 to 40ºC
    Orbit ø 4mm
    Speed 750 to 3000rpm
    Capacity 0.2 up to 50 ml tube
    Maximum tube diameter 28.5mm*
    External power supply Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
    Power consumption 3.8W (0.32A)
    Input voltage 12V dc
    Weight 0.8kg


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