• MMS-3000 Magnetic Stirrer

    The Grant bio mini magnetic stirrer MMS-3000 is a compact magnetic stirrer for handling small volumes in routine laboratory procedures such as pH metering, extraction and dialysing.

    • Adjustable speed control: 0 to 3000 rpm
    • Stirring volume: 20 litres
    • Quiet operation, small size – fits neatly into the workspace
    • Easy to use graduated dial for quick and convenient selection of mixing speed
    • Rugged stainless steel plate provides a working surface of 110 x 110 mm
    • Supplied with a stirrer rod


    • PH metering, extraction and dialysing with small quantities of substance
    • Any requirement for stirring solutions up to 20 litres


    Dimensions (h x d x w) 75 x 230 x 185mm
    Ambient temperature range +4 to 40ºC
    Speed 0 to 3000rpm
    Capacity (stirring volume) 20L
    Liquid stirring viscosity up to 1170mPa
    Working plate size ø 160mm
    Retort stand height 320mm
    Plate material Stainless steel
    Length of magnetic stirring element 70mm
    External power supply Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
    Power consumption 3 (0.3A)
    Input voltage 12V dc
    Weight 1.5kg


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