• ES-20 Compact Shaker-Incubator

    The Grant bio ES20 is a versatile programmable bench-top shaker-incubator for mixing and incubating biological fluids, samples, cell cultures and tissues.

    • Digital control of time, temperature and shaking speed for accuracy and repeatability
    • Variable speed: 50 to 250 rpm
    • Temperature setting range: 25 to 42°C
    • Load up to 2.5 kg
    • Interchangeable platforms for shaking/incubating different vessels
    • Temperature control by microprocessor plus forced heated air circulation ensure a constant and even temperature within the chamber
    • Equipped with direct drive shaking system for reliable, long-term operation
    • Simple to programme time, temperature and shaking speed using clear 2-line 16 character LCD
    • Option of four easily interchangeable platforms for a wide range of different
    • Robust, compact construction with clear 7mm thick Plexiglass panels for easy visibility of chamber contents
    • Designed for easy assembly / disassembly – easy to move from one location to another


    The ES-20 is a versatile shaker-incubator ideal for growing cell cultures in flasks and other vessels and for other general sample preparation applications.


    Dimensions (h x d x w) 435 x 340 x 340mm
    Temperature range +25 to 42°C
    Temperature control range 0.1°C
    Stability 0.5°C
    Load capacity 2.5kg
    Display 10mm
    Internal working dimensions (d x w x h) 260 x 300 x 250mm (with installed platform)
    Timer 1 minute to 96 hours
    Power consumption – 230V 170W (1.6A)
    Power consumption – 120V 160W (0.7A)
    Nominal operating voltage 120 or 230 (50/60Hz)
    Weight 41.1kg


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    ES-20 – Platform

    Part No


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