• CG Refrigerated Immersion Coolers

    The refrigerated immersion coolers consist of a cooling coil connected to a refrigeration unit by a flexible pipe. Both units offer a continuous heat extraction, with the bath control unit controlling the temperature. Compatible with all four Optima thermostatic controllers: T100 TC120, TX150 TXF200.

    The cooling coil can continuously immersed in liquids up to 100°C with the cooler switched off and may be used to cool down from 100°C but it is not designed for continuous operation above 40°C.

    • (C1G) 0°C to 40°C
    • (C2G) -15° to 40°C




    Cooling power @ 20°C 350W 400W
    Cooling power @ 00°C 110W 320W
    Cooling power @ -10°C 170W
    Overall consumption 300VA 500VA
    Dimensions (d x w x h) 460mm x 305mm x 225mm 460mm x 305mm x 225mm
    Weight 17kg 21kg
    Flexible pipe 925mm 925mm
    Coil Ø/l 77/55mm 77/55mm
    Electrical supply 120 (60 Hz) or 230 (50Hz) 120 (60 Hz) or 230 (50Hz)


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