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CGR Refrigerated Immersion Coolers

The refrigerated immersion coolers consist of a cooling coil connected to a refrigeration unit by a flexible pipe. 

Both units offer a continuous heat extraction, with the bath control unit controlling the temperature. Compatible with all four Optima thermostatic controllers: T100 TC120, TX150 TXF200.

The cooling coil can continuously immersed in liquids up to 100°C with the cooler switched off and may be used to cool down from 100°C but it is not designed for continuous operation above 40°C.

  • (C1GR) -10°C to 40°C
  • (C2GR) -15° to 40°C





Temperature range-10°C to 40°C-15° to 40°C
Cooling power @ 20°C350W450W
Cooling power @ 00°C150W350W
Cooling power @ -10°C60W200W
Overall consumption300VA500VA
Dimensions (d x w x h)460mm x 305mm x 225mm460mm x 305mm x 225mm
Flexible pipe925mm925mm
Coil Ø/l77/55mm77/55mm
Electrical supply120 (60 Hz) or 230 (50Hz)120 (60 Hz) or 230 (50Hz)


Chillers – Heat Exchange Coil

Attach to a supply of cooling tap water or a refrigerated circulator

Part No


CW5Temperature range: 2ºC above the temperature of the coolant

External Probes

For monitoring and controlling temperature of remote loads

Part No


TXPEPFlexible plastic probe, 3m cable
TXSEPStainless steel probe, 3m cable

Hose Kit

Additional hose kits assembled with LT ecocool/ OptimaTM pump outlet plate and hose clips.

Part No


HOSE100General purpose hose kit, includes 2 x 2m general purpose insulated hosing -40 to 100˚C, assembled with LT ecocool/OptimaTM pump outlet plate and simple hose clips, no tools required
HOSE200High temperature hose kit, includes 2 x 2m high temperature insulated hosing -50 to 200˚C, assembled with LT ecocool/OptimaTM pump outlet plate and simple hose clips, no tools required


Optional PC software

Part No


LabwiseAllows two-way communication for status display, programming and data capture

Vertical Turbine Pump

Low noise, compact design. Supplied with pipe connections and special lid for fitting to tanks, pipe bore 12.7mm.

Part No


VTP1-LTMaximum pressure 1000 mbar, Maximum flow 9 L/min
VTP2-LTMaximum pressure 1650 mbar, Maximum flow 12 L/min

Accessory Notes

Required only where application demands a higher pressure than that delivered by the internal pump to maintain flow.

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