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dataTaker® Data Loggers

dataTaker® is one of the world's leading brands of general-purpose and specialized data loggers and data recording equipment.

The data loggers are designed to be compatible with almost all types of sensors, with a strong focus on communications to make your data easily accessible. Suitable for a broad range of industries including environmental, industrial, construction, manufacturing, process management, scientific, laboratory, and education.

dataTaker® DT8x Series Data Loggers
dataTaker® DT8x Series Geotechnical Data Loggers
dataTaker® DT8xM Series Data Loggers
dataTaker® DT90 Series Data Loggers
dataTaker® Data Loggers

dataTaker® Data Loggers

A series of next generation data loggers that give accurate data at the touch of a button. Compatible with almost all types of sensor and used across a wide variety of applications.

ISO 14001 : 2015
Cyber Essentials
ISO 9001:2015
Gambica Member