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Data Acquisition

Data Logger Systems, Acquisition Equipment & Solutions

We partner with customers and communities to deliver data acquisition solutions on a worldwide scale. We’re proud to say we’ve been established for over 35 years, providing data logging equipment, systems, and solutions to a wide range of industries.

About DAQ
Wi-Fi Mini Logger
Squirrel Loggers
Process Loggers
dataTaker® Data Loggers

dataTaker® Data Loggers

A series of next generation data loggers that give accurate data at the touch of a button. Compatible with almost all types of sensor and used across a wide variety of applications.

Squirrel data loggers

Squirrel data loggers

Our new range of Squirrel data loggers and software offers you the ultimate experience in data logging through powerful performance, connectivity, and innovative software. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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