• Temperature and Humidity Probes

    Grant manufactures a comprehensive range of robust, high quality temperature probes with a choice of sensor and in a variety of physical styles for use with Squirrel data loggers. In addition to the standard range of temperature probes Grant is able to customise probes for special applications.

    Grant is able to supply humidity probes and current transducers and to provide guidance on suitable sensors for measuring a wide variety of other physical parameters. Please contact us with your requirements – e-mail  or phone +44 (0) 1763 260 811


    Grant temperature probes

    Key features

    • Choice of thermistors, thermocouple and platinum resistance sensors
    • Wide range of physical styles
    • High quality robust construction for long life
    • Test and calibration traceable to national standards
    • Choice of cables and connectors for different applications

    Download the Temperature and Humidity Probes Specification


    • larger electrical signal for a given temperature change than other sensors
    • fast response time
    • high accuracy (± 0.1°C)
    • preferred sensor over the operating range -50 to +150°C
    • long cable lengths possible without significant errors
    • mini thermistors available for miniature/needle probes


    • suitable for temperatures from -25°C up to +250°C
    • fast response time
    • moderate accuracy (± 0.5°C)
    • suitable for a wide range of applications from delicate to heavy industrial

    Platinum resistance

    • suitable for temperatures from -50°C up to +250°C
    • good accuracy (± 0.3°C)
    • good long term stability
    • choice of Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors
    • choice of 2 and 4 wire where compensation of cable resistance required
    • capacitive humidity and temperature probes

    Humidity probes

    Grant provides the following combined temperature/humidity probe (RHT-G-Z) for use with Squirrel data loggers:
    These are available with 2, 5 or 10 metres of cable (example code for 2m RHT-G-Z2-0)

    Rotronic HYGROMER™ with Pt100 sensor

    • measurement range -40 to +100°C (-0.4 to +1V); 0 to 100% r.h. (0 to 1V)
    • sensors protected against dust and pollution
    • fast response time: start-up 3s
    • good long term stability
    • robust polycarbonate housing
    • accuracy (at +23°C): humidity ±0.8% r.h.,temperature ±0.2°C
    • good long term stability: <1% r.h, 0.1°C/year
    • dimensions of sensor head: 85mm x 15mm
    • can be supplied as Dew point output instead of rh, upon request


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