The sq16 is our entry level logger with long battery life, making it ideal for portable and routine data logging applications. The logger can be started or stopped using the multi function button which displays logger status, this means a PC is not required to run the logger in situ. Store up to 250 million readings in the Squirrel’s onboard memory and up to 6 logger configurations. Use the SD Card memory slot for grabbing measured data in the field or use the SquirrelView app or software to download and export your data.

Easy to set up, use straight out of a box

  • Easy to use simple set-up and intuitive to use
  • Long battery life gives long life operation and portability
  • Tough casing and robust design ideal for environmental applications
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity for multiple connection choices
  • SD memory card for ease of data transfer

Powerful performance, meets your application needs

Portable monitoring, environmental applications, vehicle and transport applications and general industrial monitoring.


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No of channels single ended 16 single ended or 8 differential inputs
Universal input
Voltage ranges; differential and single ended
Yes* *2 wire probes (not 3 or 4 wire resistance)
-25 to 50V, -1.5 to 2.5V
Common mode
Current ranges, differential (requires external 10Ω shunt)
4 to 20mA, -30 to +30mA
Thermocouple ranges; differential and single K-type -200 to 1372°C R-type -50 to 1768°C B-type 250 to 1820°C
T-type -200 to 400°C S-type -50 to 1768°C C-type 0 to 2320°C
N-type -200 to 1300°C J-type -200 to 1200°C D-type 0 to 2320°C
Resistance ranges, all 2 wire 0 to 300,000Ω
Thermistor ranges
Pt100/1000, 2-wire
U, UU, Y & S – type – 50 to +150°C & customer specific thermistors
-200 to 850°C
Internal reference temperature -55 to 150°C
Pulse count ranges
Digital state/event ranges
0 to 100Hz (2 input) 0 to 64kHz (2 input)
0 to 34,360,000,000 count
8 state inputs or 1 x 8 bit binary
Digital/alarm outputs 4 open drain FETs, 40V, 0.1A
A/D resolution 32 bit
Accuracy 0.1% of range + 0.1% of reading
Clock resolution/accuracy 1s/10ppm
Sampling rates 1, 2 4 or 8 readings per second
Data statistics Yes from within new SquirrelView plus PC software
Calculated channels Yes, up to 16
Memory internal 4GB, approximately 200 million readings
Multi function button LED Status indication and start/stop
Internal battery 6 x AA cells
Battery life
External power
up to 6 months all channels logging every 15 minutes
Yes, 8 to 38v dc or via USB
Sensor power output 8-38V at 150mA when connected to external power supply
Networking Via USB or open thread
Modem support Via USB hub
Actions & triggers PC setup
Front panel setup
Four alarm outputs, fully configurable actions and triggers
Yes, SquirrelView compatible
Via smartphone app. All essential functionality available via app e.g. channel configuration, start/stop logging etc. Other advanced functions e.g. calculated channels and channel descriptions are available via connection to a PC running SquirrelView
Stored setups 6
Operating temperature -20 to 65°C
Dimensions (w x d x h)/ weight
Working environment
257mm x 206mm x 57.3mm, 1.5kg
– 30 to 65°C, RH up to 95% (non-condensing)


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