• Heating System Industry

    Product Range: SQ2020

    The Background

    Inditherm conductive polymer based, low voltage heating  systems are widely used in applications as diverse as muscle warming and the warming of patients in the medical sector, critical temperature management in the industry, concrete curing and under-pitch heating in the sports industry.


    Sports Stadium Ground care. Monitoring the temperature of playing pitches.

    The Problem

    Leading the technology behind these systems, Inditherm was keen to ensure the quality, reliability and accuracy of their heating pads to guarantee that their customers would be satisfied with the product supplied.

    A use was identified within the under-pitch heating sector for continually monitoring and recording the temperatures of their heating pads and the surrounding grass root zone.

    The Squirrel solution

    Grant Instruments supplied the Squirrel SQ2020 data logger with 28 thermocouple sensors specifically for this application and satisfied Inditherm’s demanding requirements. The sensors are placed at strategic points and can be buried at different depths to monitor the varied environmental conditions at different depths and in different locations around the heating pads. All the data was collated and stored by the SQ2020 data logger.

    The research and QA development work was carried out at Inditherm’s test bed site at its plant near Rotherham UK. All of the logged data from a large series of tests over an number of months can be readily accessed via their internal computer network for reference at any time.

    The Benefits

    The SQ2020 was chosen as it is a stand-alone high accuracy data logger that can be left operating unattended. Data is only transferred to a PC when archiving or analysis is required, making it suitable for outdoor use making it extremely cost-effective for Inditherm. Previously, hand-held thermometers were used, which was labour intensive and only recorded a tiny amount of the data when compared to the continuous monitoring available by the Squirrel system.