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    Product Range: OQ610 Oven Logger

    The Background

    The end customer required a process monitoring and testing exercise to be conducted to assist in the development of a QA procedure for the production of crisp and even roast potatoes.

    They had sourced the “perfect” potatoes from a long established company who specialize in producing top quality products that are traditionally cut,fully cooked and then quick frozen. These then had to be processed in so that they were consistent in both presentation and cooking time.


    Product Development and quality control. How to mass produce the perfect roast potatoes.

    The Problem

    The initial phase was a significant amount of research to establish exactly what was happening inside their industrial ovens. To do this they undertook a series of oven temperature profiling exercises so that they could accurately understand how they performed. This established not only if the potatoes had reached the correct core temperatures during the process but also the ambient air temperatures around the oven. Due to the way the ovens were loaded, there was a complex movement of the hot air inside the ovens resulting in both high and low spots.

    The Squirrel solution

    To undertake this quantitative analysis of their process, they were supplied with the OQ610 oven logger. This compact data logger was placed into a thermal barrier so that it could go into the oven along with the potatoes and monitors the temperature from up to six different points. For this
    application it was any combination of air, tray or potato temperatures.

    The Benefits

    Once they had collected and analysed the oven data, the end customer’s production team was able to experiment with different strategically placed baffles that redirected the airflow and to try out different layout and loading of the potatoes on the trays. After each change the temperature would be logged and the data downloaded onto a PC for detailed analysis with our SquirrelViewTM software.

    Once the process had been optimised via the configuration of temperature versus air flow versus potato location, production of the perfect roast potatoes could go into full swing.

    Thereafter to maintain this consistency, periodic checks are carried out with the OQ610 logger to ensure that the quality control and batch to batch productivity is maintained.